Defect turnaround time in eazybi

Hi Team,
We are trying to create table for Defect TAT (turnaround time)

Filters: Component, Affect version, Time view (example: last 30 days, last 4 months)

this View can we create in eazyBI with week by week data?


Hi @Anu

How dod you define your TAT here?

Is that the time between the issue created date and last approver that Approves the ticket?
If that is the case, it would require importing all approvals which is not supported in eazyBI.
eazyBI won’t import change history for multi-value fields.

If you have a certain Jira status (for example “Approved”) that is used when CR is finally approved, you could calculate the average time when this status for CR is reached for the last timedisplay it by weeks.

Try this formula for “Avg TAT” calcualted measure (with decimal format) and use “Issues created” for “Number of issues” column.

  [Measures].[Issue created date],
[Measures].[Issues created]>0
  [Measures].[Issue created date],
    [Measures].[Transition to status last date],
    [Transition Status].[Approved],


Then define more periods as calculated members in “Time” dimension (in weekly hierarchy)

Martins / eazyBI

Hi Martins,
Thanks for responding back. No for turn around time we have the definition as below:
Defect turnaround time (Open - Fixed) Period between the time the defect is detected and Component fix delivered (multi fixes) [ Status - [Backlog]/Inprogress to E2E Testing]

but we want to add filters there: Component, Affect version, Time view (example: last 30 days, last 4 months)

Hi @martins.vanags , please update here? this is very urgent for our client.



If that is urgent question, please contact and provide more details about the use-case and provide some screenshots with values in your fields.

For example, it is not that clear what does “Component fix delivered (multi fixes) [ Status - [Backlog]/Inprogress to E2E Testing]” means in your requirement.

If Component is a multi-value field and you enter just one of the components, does it count - to start measuring the TAT or should there be all components to start measuring the TAT?

Also, what is the status name when TAT should be stopped measuring?
Is it " Status - [Backlog]/Inprogress to E2E Testing" or “[Backlog]/Inprogress to E2E Testing” or “Inprogress to E2E Testing” ?

Martins / eazyBI