Define Custom User Property as Measure

Hi Team,

Can I use Logged By user’s property on EazyBI report as measure?
I mean for the property like this

So, I would like to get Department or Organization on the eazyBI report as Measure.
Is it possible? If yes, how?
By the way our customer Jira id Data Center and the version is 8.20.11, EazyBI version is 6.5.2
Thanks for now.

Hi @Muhammet_Ayal,

I don’t know a way to retrieve these properties. Some Jira users have already expressed dissatisfaction that these properties are unavailable through REST API endpoints - You can explore the Jira database, maybe the values are stored somewhere there, and you can try to access them.

Suppose the values are accessible through the Jira database. In that case, you can try to import the data as the Logged by dimension “User” level properties with the additional data import - Additional data import into Jira Issues cube.

Roberts //

Thank you @roberts.cacus , I will try