Define jira cloud data source in eazybi datacenter

Hello Community !
I use eazyBI 6.6.0 in our jira datacenter 8.20.
We also have a jira cloud for another part of our business.
I would like to define a new datasource in eazybi, using “Rest Api”, to use data from our jira cloud in our eazybi datacenter.
Is it possible ?

Hi @julien,

Apps are based on each separate Jira site/server, and there is no option to have one app over many instances. Each Jira site can have a custom configuration that might overlap on some points. Therefore we do not have an import option to several Jira instances into one eazyBI. To put it simply, each Jira instance should have a separate eazyBI app installation.

Technically you may create an eazyBI account where the data source is REST API to the Jira site. Howevere, this would require building the data cube (mapping received data to dimensions and measures) from scratch and would be a completely customized solution.

Alternatively, another product – Private eazyBI, could be configured to meet your rules. More details on how to set update import from Jira (DC or Cloud) into private eazyBI: Enable data import from Jira.

Zane /