Define measures for "TODO" tests count

Hello All,

I am trying to build a EZBi report based on Tests executed for particular test plan.

In our test plan we have 3x Test sets, and some of the test sets are executed (Test execution) multiple times with different “Test environment” variables.

Now I am able to get Test run status for “PASS”,“FAIL”, “ABORTED” etc based on Test environment, but i am not able to get the same for “TODO” status.

Here’s the sample measure for “PASS”

([Measures].[Xray Test executed in PoC1],[Xray Test Execution Status].[PASS])

When i do same expression with “TODO” it doesn’t report any TODO tests at all.

Any help in this case is appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,

Hi @dvinay,

Measure “Xray Tests executed” shows only completed tests, tests with finished on date. Usually, those are test runs with completed statuses like PASS, FAIL, and ABORTED.
If you would like to cover all test runs, including scheduled (TODO) and IN PROGRESS, consider using the measure “Xray Test Runs” or “Xray tests with executions”.

Please see the documentation with descriptions on each Xray specific measure: Xray Test Management.

Zane /