Define new calculated member trouble

Hello I am trying to write a query for a report in Eazybi.

  1. I need to return a specific label (Label)
  2. Search for a certain customer field among two projects, but honestly it doesn’t need to be limited because the customer field is only used among two projects.
  3. Exclude a certain component among all projects

Hi @Abayer,

In eazyBI reports, all queries are transformed to dimensions on rows, columns, and pages for grouping and filtering data and measures t show the data.

  1. Set the “Label” and “Project” dimensions on pages for filtering data by labels.

  2. Set dimension representing the customer field on the report rows.

  3. The component is a multi-selection field Jira and therefore it might be tricky to filter out issues having a particular component as one issue might have other components that match filtering criteria. To address this, you might want to import Componente as a separate dimension using a JavaScript calculated custom field. Pleae use the code example and follow instructions here: JavaScript calculated custom fields
    When you have added code to advanced settings, go to import options and select the new dimension “Component” for data import and import data.

  4. Now you can proceed with the report. In Measures, define a new calculated measure, that would return a count of all issues matching filter criteria except for a particular component. The expression for measure might look like this:

    --count of issues ignoring assigned components
    ([Measures].[Issues created count],[Component].DefaultMember)
    --subtract count of issues with component X
    ([Measures].[Issues created count],[Component].[Component X])

There are other Community topics on similar use cases:

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