Define new calulate members on eazybi caused jira so slowly

The cpu utilization will be increased from 20% to 80% when I trying to define new calulate member, which caused jira application server very slow or down directly. This caused we cannot proceed our activities any more.
Could I deploy eazybi seperately? since currently it caused the heavy risk for jira application server.
Can you help to check why eazybi cost so much jira Server system resouce? It is so unbelievable.

Thanks a lot

Hi Annie,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you here, but I see you have been in contact with my colleagues directly through eazyBI support mail as well. Janis is waiting for the additional log files to analyze the causes of the performance and stability problems.

As a general suggestion, I would like to remind that by default, eazyBI is running inside the same Jira JVM process and is sharing JVM heap memory and other resources with the Jira and all other Jira plugins. It is possible that complicated eazyBI calculations take up a lot of Jira memory. Enabling eazyBI child process can solve this, please see more here:

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