Define new measurement based on total count of specific dimensions

I am a newbie here so apologies if my question was already answered in another topic as I could not find the exact need.

I have 8 stages ( Testing, security scan…) in Epic with statuses ( None, In Progress, Completed).
Each is different dimension.
I want to show the count in a new field which will tell me how many completed stages I have in each Issue.
Ideally later on I want to measure the maturity of an Epic according to that but that’s another topic.

ok , I was able to do it -
[Measures].[Issues created],
[Measures].[Issues created],
[Security Scan].[Completed]

Please let me know if there is a better way to do it.

Hi @Sharon_Neuman!

Sorry for the late reply!
This could count one issue twice, e.g., if an issue has Completed Testing and Completed Security Scan, this measure will give a 2. But as I understand, you are looking to count the Completed stages and in that case, I can assure you that the approach that you have found is the best way to count completed stages.

Lauma /

Thanks Lauma, I will use this one in my project to count the total completed stages.

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