Defined "closed status" in Jira import options causes logical problems with burndown chart


I have a problem with so-called “Statuses and history” in the Jira import options.

I defined the statuses “Resolved” and “Closed” as closed status in there (for the “Issues Closed” measure).

I have also a simple burn-down chart, that shows the open issues (open uses the measure “Issues closed”, which includes “Resolved” and “Closed”).
The problem is that past issues that were resolved and getting closed later the burn-down in the past changes. I found out that the “Issues closed” measure uses the time-nearest change in history but instead i need the first transition that was going to a defined closed status in the Jira import options.

How would you achieve this? Would a custom field possibly solve this? Is it possible to get the javascript code for the “Issues closed” since I am not thinking to do it from scratch because of this time hierarchy thing.

If you have any advice let me know. Have a good day.


Hi @eschondor!

You are correct; the Issues closed measure uses the last date issue entered in any of the statuses that are defined as Closed (

The issue workflow cycles and closing can be interpreted in several ways. In the scenario you described, I imagine you should not put the Resolved status in the group of Closed statuses - in this way, you would get the Issues resolved grouped by resolution date, and Issues closed grouped by date entered to ‘Closed’.

Another workaround, as you mentioned, would be to go through issue changelog with JavaScript calculated field and find the date when issue first entered in any of the states. Here is a JavaScript that would return such first closed date:

# First closed date 
name = "first closed"
data_type = "date"
measure = true
javascript_code = '''
var done_status_list = ["Resolved","Closed"]; //adjust status list here
var exit = 0;
if(done_status_list.indexOf( > -1){
if (issue.changelog && issue.changelog.histories) {
  for (var i=0; i < issue.changelog.histories.length; i++){
    var history = issue.changelog.histories[i];
    for (var a=0; a < history.items.length; a++) {
      var historyItem = history.items[a];
      if (historyItem.field == "status") {
         statusto = historyItem.toString;
         if (done_status_list.indexOf(statusto) > -1) {
         	issue.fields.customfield_1st_closed_date = history.created.toString().substr(0,10);
    if (exit) {break;}

Note though that this is the first closing date; if issues can be re-opened and closed again, possibly the logic needs to be modified.

Lauma /

@lauma.cirule I have a similar issue, but with story points.
I get that “issues closed” is based on the closed statuses, but why “story points closed” is not?
I’m building a burndown chart, some projects in my cloud instance have no resolution set on the workflow, but the statuses are qualified as “closed” in any case, so why my “story points closed” is always empty?

Hi @Mauro_Bennici!

This should not be the case - if you have Closed statuses specified, the Story points closed should sum story points of Closed issues grouped by the closing date on the Time (

  1. Please check if regular imports are running as expected. You can see the last import date in the tab Analyze. You can see more details and status of the import in tab Source Data.
  2. If the imports are running as expected. Please check import options - Project selection and JQL query in particular if issues are pulled in.
  3. If imports are up to date and import options are correct there might be some problems in one of the previous imports that were not fixed with incremental import. Run full data re-import to refresh data if this is the case.

If none of this helps, please contact me at with additional details and screenshots highlighting the problem.

Lauma /

Hello @lauma.cirule, I tried to raise the problem here: [Issues created] empty but only for some projects
and here:
Story points resolved
not knowing it’s probably the same issue. I had the problem with the resolution because some projects used workflows that had no resolution setting, so I switched to “story points closed” to bypass the problem with no result.
I imported all the “completed” statuses of my cloud instance and made several scratch imports, but for some projects it still won’t work.

Hi @Mauro_Bennici!

Thank you for sharing the other raised issue links, it helps to get fuller picture!
I posted a reply to both issues accordingly. If those replays do not help, please contact (mentioning we discussed this in community) as we should look at particular issue keys and Sprints to understand if there is not some technical problem.

Lauma /