Delete members for a date range

Hi - while I understand how to specify dates, I don’t understand what this does to the data set.

  1. Does it really delete time ranges or just hide them?
  2. For all fields?
  3. What happens on re-import?


Hi Martin,

eazyBI creates date members in dimension “Time” in the same way as in any other dimension based on issue information. For any issue date such as issue creation date, issue resolution date, issue update date, or issue status change date, or any other date, eazyBI will create date member in dimension “Time.” Typically this covers any past times and some future times, based on Due dates. However, there could be some missing date members for days without any activity.

There is an option to add members for date range which add missing date members to improve calculations based on previous periods and timeline reports as well. Any report for future would also require additional date members.

There is another option to delete members from a date range. This option will delete those dates which are not linked to any imported data. Dates which represent issue activities are not deleted.
During data import, deleted date members are not added unless the date is linked to some imported data.

Zane /