Derive default values on Page level items based on a calculation

I have a set of reports that have the Time Dimension at Page level and from which the given month can be selected.

I am yet to find a way to default the month that’s selected by default to be the current month.

So, my request is that we can derive default values on Page level items based on a calculation.

Hi Graeme,

You can create a calculated member in Time dimension that always returns current month. The formula for that would be as follows


Further, you can select this calculated member as the Time page filter and save the report. Automatically the month would be filtered to the current. See an example report in eazyBI demo account.

Lauma /

By default, eazyBi offers a set of relative dates in Time dimension: Jira Core measures and dimensions - eazyBI for Jira

You may create more calculated members at any time. Check out Demo account, Time dimension, for more examples: Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI

Zane /