Description in the JIRA Import

Thanks a lot Gerda for your insights. The trick with issues worked for me

Sadly, I work within a very restrictive environment so my options are limited. an Addon might take months to approve.

One last advise, please. In order to extract just the values after | in this multi-line field, I was thinking of using some sort of a substring function with indexof.

something similar to substring ([Issue Business Justification], Indexof('Priority | ') + 11 , Index of(‘Project |’)

I know it might not be clean, but is that attainable?

I think I managed to do it using this expression. A bit of detour though.

[Measures].[Issue Business Justification]>""


CoalesceEmpty(Replace([Measures].[Issue Business Justification],CHR(13), “fini”),"")


‘.Priority |(.+)fini.’,1


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@mmawla you can try also this formula:

NOT IsEmpty([Measures].[Issue Business Justification])
  [Measures].[Issue Business Justification],
  '(Priority|\\n) (.*)',
    "| ", 

See related documentation on other ExtractString() examples

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Hi @guy.winterbotham ,
I wanted to let you know that we have released eazyBI version 7.1. recently. In this version, we included the feature to allow importing the Jira “Description” field using the New calculated fields option. In the eazyBI account, it is possible to use those settings to define and import the description field. The JavaScript code is: return issue.fields.description

Please see a list of all changes for eazyBI for Jira app: Changelog - eazyBI for Jira.

Kind regards,
Gerda //

I am currently importing the description field into my eazybi project. I am trying to see if I can use the description field as a psudo project status report. I have added some of the jira ‘insert elements’ to the field but they are not rendering in my eazybi report. Is there some way to get these inserted elements to display correctly? Thanks, Thayne.

Jira detail screen

Eazybi report screen

Hi @thaynemunson,

Only HTML and Markdown are supported for text formatting; see calculated member formatting description. eazyBI does not recognize JIRA Rich text formatting and returns the plain text as entered when you edit the field.
We have a feature request related to this in our backlog, and I will upvote the feature with your request, but I cannot give any estimates on this development.

Lauma /