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To avoid creating too many custom fields we use a table in the description field. We use lighthouse to parse it out into a property using the embeddedRegex. I want to do the same with easyBI but can’t figure out if the Description field is imported by default and if so what it is called.



By default Issue description field is not imported to eazyBI. It is possible to import it by using Jira Misc custom fields; see more details here

Let me know if you need any further assistance with this!


Hi, I need to add the Description field on report and I have followed these guides but so far without success. Can anyone help me on this?


Hello Lauma. Is there some possibility to use custom Javascript code for the import in order to get the description? My customer doesn’t have JIRA Misc Custom fields.


Hi Ran,

Currently, for eazyBI for Jira Server, issue description field could be imported only if it is copied in some calculated custom field in Jira (e.g., Jira Misc field or Scriptrunner) and then imported as a custom field.

Importing the description field as an issue property would definitely be a helpful improvement. It is already added to our backlog for further considering (no ETA yet). I will keep you posted when anything new regarding this appears.

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Hi @bborges,

I am sorry I missed your reply earlier! If you still experience any problems, please write which steps you have performed and where you seem to be stuck. You may contact us also on

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