Devide Story Point due through velocity

i’m struggeling with the simple task to devide “Story Points due” within the Project Dimension through the “avarage running velocity for 5 closed sprints”.

What i have done so far:
I created a new calculated Measure to get the Running Velocity per Board:
[Measures].[Sprint closed?]=“Yes” AND
NOT IsEmpty([Sprint].CurrentMember.get(‘Complete date’)) AND
[Measures].[Sprint Story Points completed] > 0
[Measures].[Sprint start date],
[Measures].[Sprint Story Points completed]

Then i realized, that Story Points due are most likely in our Backlog and so not assigned on any board (Board is a hierarchy member of Sprints, so unresolved Storys are assigned to (no board)).
So what we would need is basicly what i said.
Project on Rows and [Measures].[Story Points due] / Velocity of the last 5 Sprints within this Project (Or any Board within the Project)

We want to know how many Sprints could be filled with the Story Points in our Backlog.

Does anybody has some help?
Thank you in advance,

In eazyBI demo account, there is an example report similar to your needs:

There is Epic Link dimension in the report. You can switch it to any other dimension, for example, Project to see current progress by project, velocity of the last 5 sprints and how many predicted sprints there are based on Story Points due and this velocity. This report uses a bit different version of velocity calculation by sprints.

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