Difference between Story Point history between certain dates

I am creating a report which shows the story point history difference per epic between the current date and 7 days ago. In the report below I drilled into Time dimension for the Story Point measure and into Project level for Epic. I would like to get the SP 7 days ago measure right since it shows the current story point history instead of the value 7 days ago. A measure to directly calculate the story point history between Feb 12 (current date) and Feb 5(7 days ago) would be appreciated as well.

Hello @Andreia_Lopes ,

It seems, you already found the answer to your inquiry by creating an intermediate measure and Zane has also provided a solution to a similar question in this thread - Story point history difference between selected days

The measure ‘Story points history’ retrieves the number of story points on the date in scope.
You might get the value from dates dynamically shifting from the date in scope by some of the date and member functions described here - MDX function reference.

In this case, we would be looking for the options to shift from the specific date and then define the tuple with a calculated member in the Time dimension.
The shift in time is possible with the DateAddDays function.
And then we may select the member from the Time dimension with the adjusted date by the function DateMember.

The calculation for retrieving the Story point 7 days before the actual day in the Time dimension would look as follows:

--a tuple with two dimensions - Measures and Time
 ([Measures].[Story Points history],
--time dimension member is defined by calculation
--subtract 7 days from current date in scope

So the calculation for the difference between the currently selected date and 7 days before could look as follows.

[Measures].[Story Points history]
 ([Measures].[Story Points history],

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Oskars / support@eazyBI.com

Thank you for this @oskars.laganovskis :slight_smile: