Difference in JIRA and Confluence gadget

Including a report or dashboard from easyBI in a Jira dashboard have the possibility to save the filter settings that makes one easyBI report/dashboard useful for a lot of Jira dashboards.

I wonder why this isn’t the case when importing a easyBI report/dashboard in a confluence page. To be able to adopt the report/dashboard you need to do one report/dashboard for each instance that shall use it - makes the number of reports/dashboards in easyBI to become huge.

Is this intentionally for some reason I don’t see?


The option for saving the report with the page selections is also available when embedding the eazyBI report as a macro in the Confluence. Please check the documentation page describing how to do that.

Users sometimes do not notice that there is the option available to save the report selection.

Janis, eazyBI support