Difference in the total number of issues with time to resolve violated and not violated

I’m trying to build a view where it shows the total of issues with the resolution time violated and not violated. In JQL it shows a total and in eazybi it shows a total other than JQL.

With that, I have the following question:

1 - Shouldn’t the total issues be the same for all measures since I’m talking about the SLA of resolved issues?

Hi @Fabio.Santos,

There might be a difference in resolved issue count for default measure “Issues resolved” and SLA resolved issues if an issue was reopened at some point.

  • "Issues resolved" shows resolved issue count by the latest issue resolution date (the value you can see on the issue in Jira). If the resolution date was ‘Oct 15 2021’, but an issu was reopened and resolved in November, or someone changed the resolution date to ‘Nov 04 2021’, then an issue is counted for ‘Nov 2021’ period only. The measure does not consider the change history of the resolution date (Jira Core measures and dimensions).

  • On the other hand, SLA metrics are based on completed SLA cycles. The measure “Time to resolution Issues” counts issues by the date of the last resolution cycle (Jira Service Management custom fields).

Zane / support@eazyBI.com