Different measures are empty

I would like to calculate the difference between “Issue date of first response” and “issue created date”. Therefore I used the function datediffworkdays() , but there are wrong numbers coming out. See column: “min response time”. Then I saw that there are already measures for what I wanted to calculate, but the measures are empty. Does anyone know why the other columns are empty?

This is the function that I used.

And this are the measures that I can chose:


DateDiffWorkhours() function returns result in hours, but the formating you select for “Min Repsonse time” is in minutes ##h ##m. Try multiplying the calculated measure formula by 60 to convert results in minutes. Then your formatting should work as expected

DateDiffWorkhours() * 60

And SLA measures you are asking about are linked with other dimensions in the report, such as Time. If your report is filtered by the last 12 weeks, the measure “Time to first response issues” will count issues against the time period where the first response happened and if it didn’t happen in last 12 weeks, the measure can be empty.

The other aspect is that eazyBI will receive from Jira the value in this SLA field only when the SLA is completed. Usually, the measure with elapsed hours show values after the issue is resolved.

Martins / eazyBI