Dimension custom field base on Issue Closed


I have a custom field called Resolution Reason with values of Resolve, Retired, Oploss using aggregate and I imported it as a dimension. I can get the number of tickets created in Resolution Reason but it is base on the Issue Created and now I do not know how to do it base on the Issue close.

Basically, I just called the Dimension and the field (Refer to screenshot on Resolve) and I was able to get the total number of issues created in that Span (January 2018) but what I need is to get the total number of issues closed on that span of time

Attach is my calculation on the Resolve.

Yes, to get closed issue count in a selected period, you should use measure Issues closed (the similar approach is used for resolved issue count).

You can add Measures as rows to your report and select measure Issues closed. We recommend having at least one measure in a report to bind your data together and analyze them by different viewpoints (dimensions).

Yes, your formula will return the count of closed issue which has resolution reason “Commission Deducted”:
([Resolution Reason].[Commission Deducted],[Measures].[Issues closed])
We recommend defining calculations like this which refer to measures or other dimensions in Measures.

Zane / support@eazyBI.com

Hi Zane,

This works :slight_smile: I never knew that is possible and very easy to do.

Thank you so much for the help.