Dimension member case sensitive issue

Hi EazyBi experts,

I’m a beginner to EazyBi Reporting. Please could you help me with this below query. Thank you in advance.

We have a dimension named Component and i see that there is one component name which is actually named as ‘.Comp_XXXXXX’ in Jira. But in EazyBi i couldnt view any results w.r.t this component filter though there are enough tickets under this component in Jira. When i tried troubleshooting, i see that there are 2 components displayed in this dimension, one as ‘.Comp_XXXXXX’ and another one as ‘.comp_XXXXXX’ where even if i try adding the bookmark as .Comp_XXXXXX’ and refer it in the filter, but after the report is saved and opened again the bookmark gets changed as ‘.comp_XXXXXX’ and not remain the same what i added ‘.Comp_XXXXXX’. Please help me understand why this happens so and what am i missing to do to get the right component in the page filters. Thank you.

Hi @priyavenugopal

eazyBI has challenges importing the same field value in different use cases as separate members in the dimension.
When a value from multiple cases of the exact text is imported as a dimension member, the calculations can go unpredicted.

We recommend keeping just one version of the field value for import; then, eazyBI would not have problems importing the value as a dimension member and let you use this member in reports from the dimension.

OR you could use a custom Javascript code to add some prefixes or suffixes for one the value versions and then import them as two different members for the dimension.

Martins / eazyBI