Diplay initiative, epic and stories grouped by story count

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We are already using the eazybi in our company. Our Jira structure is like initiative->Epic->story
I have to create a table to diplay first column as initiative, 2nd column as epic and then the stories count group by story status.
Here, i am facing 2 issues:

  1. If i use issue dimention for initiative and then epic link dimension for epic and using filter as fix version and issue type as story.
    In this scenario, i am getting query time out. Report is not working.
  2. Need to convert below query to mdx, so that the story count will be correct, from above method strory count is not coming correct. Pfb Jql that i need to convert to eazybi scripting

(IssueFunction in issuesInEpics(Fixversion=abc-release and status in (“Done”, “process”,“releases”)) OR (Fixversion=abc-release and status in (“Done”, “process”,“releases”) and type=Epic)) and type=Story.

Request you to please help here.

Hi @mohit_kumar1

Since this was solved in our email conversation, I’ll post a short summary for others interested in the solution.

The approach here was to import additional link field dimensions: Issue link field dimensions

To do this, you can add the following parameters in the Advanced settings:
Code for Epic Fix Version and Epic Status.

Then, head over to import options and select both of these link field dimensions for import and trigger the import.

After the import finishes, you can use both the “Epic Fix Version” and the “Epic Status” dimension in the Pages section to filter the child issues by these values.

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