Display email for person

I need to see the email for person (reporter or assignee) in every tickets.
For example,

Reporter | email

Marcelo Cid | marcelo.cid@example.com


when using eazyBI for Jira Datacenter or Jira Server, the Email property is imported by default in eazyBI for all standard user dimensions - Reporter, Logged By, Assignee, Transition Author.
Create a new calculated measure using this code:


Then use this measure with Reporter dimension members at the user level.

The same approach with the other 3 user dimensions.

However, the same won’t work when using eazyBI for Jira Cloud because of GDPR restrictions in Jira.
In Cloud infrastructure, user email is not returned in issue JSON, and eazyBI can’t import it automatically.
In this scenario, you would need to import additional data as properties to user dimension members in this case.

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Hi @martins.vanags Thanks for answer.

I created a automation that copy email when a issue is update.

The measure is [Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.get(‘Email’)

Is there a way (through what I told you) to generate something similar to the table you attached (I’m in the cloud)


Please share more details about the automation.
How exactly does it work? Does it return the email from “Reporter” user on the issuescreen somehow?

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Hi @martins.vanags

That is automation:

And Json is


After you import “Email” field there should be a way to find the first issue for each reporter and then extract the “Email value” from it to link it with Reporter dimension member name.

What will be the layout for your final report? Will you use “Reporter” dimenion in report rows?


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Hi @martins.vanags any update ?


Try this formula for custom calculation, that should return the first issue for reporter and return the email from it

[Measures].[Issues created]>0
[Measures].[Issues created]>0
CoalesceEmpty([Measures].[Issue reporter],"") = [Reporter].CurrentMember.name

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