Display multiple issue keys in a column

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I would like to display all the issue keys in a column. One column has the number of issues due. Now, in the second column, all the issue keys should be displayed. Is there a way that we can do it?

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Hi @Keerthana_Bhuthala,

You may define a new calculated measure in Measures to generate a list of due issues. For the calculation use function Generate() and filter Issues that have value for measure “Issues due” like this:

  --filter set of due issues
    IsEmpty([Measures].[Issue resolution date]) AND
    [Measures].[Issues due] > 0 ),
  --return issue keys separated by comma
  ", "

I have added one more filter criteria that issue does not have a resolution date to make the calculations a bit faster.
Make sure to set measure formatting to integer or decimal.

More details on calculated measures and used functions are here:

Zane / support@eazyBI.com

Hi Zane,

That works! Thank you!

Quick question - Is there any way those issue keys would have hyperlinks?


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Hi @Keerthana_Bhuthala,

Currently, adding a link in a table cell is not supported. But we already have such improvement on our backlog. See a similar request here:

Meanwhile, you might want to use option Drill through issues on measure “Issue due” to see a list of due issues and open them in Jira (see picture below).

Zane / support@eazyBI.com