Display open issues greater than / less than 7 days old

Hey team,

I’m trying to create a report which displays all currently open issues which are

  • Greater than 7 days old
  • Less than 7 days old

I’m struggling to create a custom measure which shows this - please can you help?


Hi @general.waste,

You might want to use dimension “Age interval” to group open issues by their age since creation. In the report, select measure Issues created, Issues due or Open issues to get the issue count for each age interval. For more details see the documentation: Interval dimensions.

Check out the Demo account for report examples to get a better understanding of how this dimension works:

If you do not see the “Age Interval” dimension when building a report, go to the import options → tab Additional options → select the interval dimensions for data import (more details here in the documentation: Additional dimensions for user groups, intervals, and issue link fields.

Zane / support@eazyBI.com

Here is an example of how we measure Aged Jira Open Issues

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