Display the quartile from the date the sprint ends

Hello, I’m trying to bring up the quartiles for sprints, but I’m not able to bring up a single line, eazybi identifies the sprint start date as a quartile and the sprint end date as another quartile.

Is there any way to present the quartile for the sprint end date?

Example: If my sprint started on 09/18/2023 and ended on 10/06/2023, the 4th Quartile should be displayed.

Below is an image for better understanding.
Thank you very much.

I made this, but I want Agregate per quartile Sum (Story Points Completed) / Sum (Story Points Commited).
exemple: (Completed: 73+58+50+59+67)= 307 / (Commited: 72+71+42+57+72)= 314 = 97,8% is referent Q1.

Could you help me?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hi @plmoro
Welcome to the eazyBI community and thanks for posting your question!
I recommend defining a new calculated measure with the formula below. Make sure you select the Percentage formatting before you save the formula (Calculated measures).

[Measures].[Sprint Story Points completed]/
      [Measures].[Sprint actual end date],
  ([Measures].[Sprint Story Points committed],

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the formula worked perfectly, thanks :wink:

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