Display Velocity at the Board Level


Currently the “Velocity for 5 Running Sprints” metric is displayed at the “sprint” level of the Sprint Dimension heirarchy.

I am trying to have just the velocity for the last “X” sprints be displayed at the board heirarchy level instead of the sprint heirarchy level.

I then want to add those board velocities to get total velocity per project per project category.

I’m very new to eazyBI and we are currently evaluating it for purchase.



Hi Alan,

To get the last 5 sprints from a board you can use:

    [Sprint].[D2 board].LastChild.Lag(4):
    [Sprint].[D2 board].LastChild

Where the “[Sprint].[D2 board]” is your bookmarked board member. When this is used in Sprint dimension you can also expand the member to see the sprints.

If you do not want to bookmark and create members for every board then you can use this query in measures dimension as well:

  [Measures].[Issues resolved]

This example returns issues closed in last 5 sprints from a board. With this version you will not be able to expand and see the individual sprints.

I hope that helps.

Gvido Neilands, flex.bi

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Hey Gvidon:

My apologies…I was replying within my email and didn’t realize those messages probably were not reaching you.

I have attached some examples of what I am trying to do within eazyBI…maybe that would be a better starting point as this tool has a high learning curve. My options appear to be endless when it comes to measures and calculations.

Also looking for an aggregated story burndown as shown here:

And also I’m trying to graph a predictability curve:

Hi Alan,

I will message you private.

Hi Gvido, I tried your query above and created a user defined measure to get the board level velocity. However, my board is blank. I see some of the other projects within our organization populate this data. I contacted Eazybi support but have not heard back. Would you be able to help me, I can send you more details via private message if that’s possible. Thanks, Maddi