Displaying Total Only after Removing Tasks

I’m removing tasks from each of my clients because even though the tasks are listed as billable in Harvest we do not bill for the tasks listed as internal. After I’ve finished doing that I would like to be able to display the total of the billable hours less the tasks I’ve subtracted and then be able to either display only the updated total into a chart or hide the individual tasks.

Hi @Richie_Carter,

How do you mark “Internal” tasks in Harvest? If it is the Expense category of the Task, you may use the dimension “Expense Caegory” for your report.

An alternative, you create a new calculated member in the “Task” dimension to group all non-internal tasks. For calculation use functions Aggregate() and Except().

    --all tasks
    --list of internal taks to exclude from group
    { [Task].[Internal task A],
      [Task].[Internal task B] }

There are more details on how to create calculated members: Calculated members in other dimensions - eazyBI for Jira.

Then you may use this aggregated Task member on your report pages or columns.

You may also define a new calculated measure “Billabel hours without internal tasks” in Measures. For calculation, use the tuple of measure “Billable hours” and aggregated task member:

([Measures].[Billable hours],
[Task].[Non-Internal tasks])

There are more details on calculated measures and tuples: Calculated measures - eazyBI for Jira.

Zane / Support@eazyBI.com