Divergent Tempo Timesheets information on eazyBI

Hey guys!

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I created a report using the measure Hour Spent, however, the information recorded in Tempo Timesheets is different from that presented in the eazyBI report.

Below are images that show the difference.

Is there any configuration to be adjusted in eazyBI?

Best reguards.

Ricardo D’Oliveira

Hi @Ricardo_Cardoso_D_Ol

If you want to get hours logged by the user, then use dimension “Logged by” instead of “Assignee”; when Assignee dimension is used together with Hours spent measure, all issue logged hours are counted to the issue assignee, regardless of who actually has logged them.

Additionally, you may want to filter by Project dimension and select the value “Planejamento” in Pages from it.

Ilze / support@eazybi.co,