Drill through into Summed measure shows all Issues with the Total Sum value

We log incidents to jira and each incident ticket has a custom field for the projected cost of that incident. Incidents are stored as separate Project.

I’m trying to sum that field for selected time period which works fine. When I drill through that measure then eazyBI shows me all tickets (from all projects) with the total sum.

Is it possible for me to show only valid tickets with that custom field value?

Here is the code I use for sum


      [Measures].[Issue created date],
    ) AND
    [IM-Function].CurrentMember = [Issue].CurrentMember and
    [IM-Site].CurrentMember = [Issue].CurrentMember and
    [Measures].[Issue IM-3rd Party Issue] = "No"
  [Measures].[Issue IM-ImpactCost] 

and I get this when I drill into the sum:

Incidents tickets have INCREP prefix but it shows me all tickets from all projects

I would like to see a list of INCREP tickets which make up the sum with the amount they are contributing to the sum.

Hi @sandervall,

The calculated measure is based on issue properties, “Issue created date”, “Issue IM-3rd Party Issue”, and “Issue IM-ImpactCost”, therefore it can not respond to report context and issues on report rows: Calculated measures and members

In your case, there is no need for the calculated measure. You might want to import the custom field “IM-ImpactCost” as measures and choose measure “IM-ImpactCost created” for your report.
Please see the documentation to see what measures and properties are created when importing numeric custom field: Jira custom fields - Totals of custom number fields.

Now you can use the dimension “IM-3rd Party Issue” on report pages to filter issues that are not IM-3rd Party Issues.

If you do not want to filter the whole report by “IM-3rd Party Issue”, you can create a more sufficient calculated measure using a tuple of measure “IM-ImpactCost created” and dimension “IM-3rd Party Issue”:

([Measures].[IM-ImpactCost created], 
[IM-3rd Party Issue].[No])

More details on the tuple expressions are here: Calaculted measures - Tuple.

Zane / support@eazyBI.com