Drill through Issue - error, timeout - performance problems

i’ve got super simple dashboard with

  • Issue Created,
  • Issue Resolved and
  • Backlog counted as:




[Measures].[Issues created]- [Measures].[Issues resolved]

I was asked to remove two issue types from chart so i tried two ways with Aggregate - Except and with Aggregate only for Issue Type Dimension but in both cases when Drilling through Issue in backlog (and onlu in backlog) I’ve got one of two errors:

I don’t really understand why error started to pop up when I add simple filter and why only on one of Measures. Maybe can you advice me other way to write these measures to make quality of performace higher.

Measures i wrote in Issue type dimension and tried to use in Pages:


Please try using “Open issues” - a predefined measure from eazyBI.

It has the same logic as for your Backlog calculation but would work much faster on “Drill through issue” feature.

If that still didn’t help, perhaps you could think about using Javascript to define anew precalculated field and import it as separate dimension which aggregates all the necessary issue types in one value, and then you could filter the report by new dimension (instead of using aggregate except from Issue type dimension on report execution).

Please also see the video presentation about MDX vs Javascript

Martins / eazyBI team

i used Open Issues and got the same effect.

Without filter on issue type i can drill in 2 second, adding Issue Type (All issue types) also works fine but as soon as i put any filter on i’ve got errors when drilling into Opne Issues.

Interesting is, that i use other filters every day but only this one, in this report, generates problems.

I’ve checked once again - when i use multiply filter i can Drill into up to 22 filtered issue types - then i got error. (It’s around 20 open issues per day.)

Hi @strojna.ewa

Could you please reach out to eazyBI support and provide us the report definition.

Martins / eazyBI support team

Hello! Was this issue resolved? I have a similar report and I get the same error. Thanks.

Please reach out to support@eazybi.com and provide the definition of your report.
Here is how to export definition from a report:
Export and import report definitions

Martins / eazyBI