Drill through issue shows too many results

Hello, this is my first question within this community and I hope I’ll describe it clearly:

I try the following:
A want to display the amount of tickets that match two criterias:

  • specific word in summary
  • issue resolved

For the first criteria I created a new calculated member within the dimension “Issue”:

    [Issue].CurrentMember.Name MATCHES ".*Logging.*"

For the combination of the two criterias I created a new calculated measure:

([Issue].[LoggingIssue], [Measures].[Issues resolved])

The results shown in the table or within the line chart are correct, BUT when I select “Drill through issue” on any of the shown points within the chart the result lists of JIRA tickets are way too big. They seem to be the lists of any Issues resolved.

Any idea what I can change to get the same result related to the calculated amounts but with a correct list when I “Drill through issue”?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Niklas ,
Welcome to the eazyBI community! :wave:

We strongly suggest NOT creating an aggregate member in the Issue dimension, as that can impact the performance of your reports. With larger complexity, the reports may slow down.
The best would be to use JavaScript calculated field that would return you ‘true’ if the values matches ".*Logging.*"

And then, use this field value in your tuple.

See a JavaScript example in this post:

Gerda // support@eazybi.com

Hi @gerda.grantina ,

thanks for your answer. I understand the performance risk and I already have created few custom fields with java script and I think I would be able to create this custom field too.

But my question wasn’t about performance but about the wrong list when using “Drill through issue”. I would like to understand if this is a bug of eazyBI or if I still have to correct my knowledge about how eazyBI works. With my current knowledge and even with your answer I still don’t know why I didn’t get the correct list even if the calculated result is correct.

Can you help me with that one too?

Thanks in advance and kindly regards,