Drill through on total

I’ve noticed the Drill Through feature is not available for totals in a table. In a Jira dashboard with a Two Dimensional Filter Statistics gadget, the total is a commonly clicked number. During meetings so the team can look at the accumulative data details.
It would be very helpful if the drill through feature was available on totals. I’ve set up a gauge (showing only the values) as solution in the meantime.

Hi @Camille,

Thank you for the suggestion! The Total row is quite robust with the primary purpose of showing aggregated results regardless of chosen metrics and dimensions and with no option to interact with it. I am sorry, but we at eazyBI do not plan to add interactions for the Total row or Total column to avoid confusing situations when several metrics are selected for the report.

We suggest using calculated members or hierarchy levels to show Total or Sub-totals in the report. This approach has several benefits:

  • users can interact with the results, drill through issues, or drill across some specific dimension: Interact with report
  • You can apply the cell formation to those values and highlight extremes and specific values or give a column / row a background color of your choice: Conditional cell formatting.

More details on calcauted members and how to make described here: Calculated members in other dimensions.

Please see those community posts for some use cases:

Zane / support@eazyBI.com