Drive size limits

Is there any drive size impact in EazyBI if we keep creating more and more graphs ?

Many reports do not take much space. We store only report definitions in the database.

You would like to check the database size for imported data, though. It depends on the number of issues, number of selected custom fields, and value changes import.

eazyBI uses memory at the moment when any report runs. eazyBI caches report results for reports with default measures. Many simple reports might run on cached data and it should be fast enough. However, complex, detailed reports or formulas might need more memory.

We suggest using child process and designate enough memory for larger Jira instances for reporting needs.

You can see more here on how to manage other settings for performance.

We suggest building reports taking best practices in mind to minimize or avoid performance problems.

While the amount of reports technically has no big impact on the performance. It might have other consequences. You might want to run overview reports and detailed reports on the same account. Detailed reports might be more complex. We suggest running them in accounts with fewer issues. Overview reports typically cover many projects or longer periods - needing many or a lot of issues. Therefore, we suggest splitting reports into different accounts based on the use of the report. See more here on planning accounts.

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