Due Date tabular report

Hello, I would like to ask you for help with a report. It is tabular reports which should show us matrix with upcoming date.

The table should show matrix of issue types and labels; every cell should show lowest date for those issues.
For example 1st cell (Bugs with label-4) should represent lowest due date of all those issues.

I am still not very confident how to use dates with dimensions in EazyBI. I have started experiment with Issue Due Date, but it is bond to Issue dimension, and I do not want to use it here (maybe I will have to). I think I would make some measure which will filter out all issues relevant for given cell and get me MIN date. But it is easier said than done :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Could you please advice?


In this case, you could use masure “Issues with due date” for the report context and create new calculated measure that goes through all “Time” dimension (day level) members which has this context for your report and then order these members Ascendingly and finally return the first (lowest date).

Try this code:

[Measures].[Issues with due date]>0
[Measures].[Issues with due date]>0

See the attached image below

Martins / eazyBI support

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Works like a dream, thank you!

Please allow me one additional question. I wanted to filter our just certain issues. I hoped I could add ShowMe label to some issues, which I would like to use in the report. My idea was to add labels also as filter, filter ShowMe label and then hide this additional column. My problem is only ShowMe column is shown. I hoped that column for every unique label could be shown. Is there any quick an easy way how to achieve this?

Please disregard if it would be complicated or time consuming - we can add something else for filtering.


Since label is a multi-value field in Jira, it would not be that simple to filter such report by issues which has a specific label on them and still keep all “Label” dimension members.

One possible way, would be defining a new Javascript calculated custom field “All labels” (via eazyBI advanced settings) which returns all labels in a comma separated string for each issue.

Then you could import this calculated field in eazyBI as a separate dimension where you could create a new calculated member to filter new dimension members if name contains a specific label.

After that you could use this new dimension in eazyBI to filter report by specific label.
Although this may work, all selections should be predefined in new calculated members which I believe is not that convenient for a report user.

Martins / eazyBI support

Hello, I am afraid that this would be too complicated for my usecase. Thank you for explaining :+1: