Duplicate Issue Key when use Issue as Page

Today I saw there is no data on reports that works correctly before. When I Investigate it, I see multiple Entries for some Parent Issues (Initiative Issue Type), and I have to change it to a new one to fix my problem. Is this related to some indexing issues or what?
Do you face this type of problem?

Hi @ansar.rezaei

When you save a report, the report structure is saved: what dimensions and measures are used in the report and how. The names of memebrs selected in Pages are also saved in the report structure. If those values are changed in Jira, they are still displayed when you open the report, and you have to select correct values every time you open the report.
Please, select correct value and save the report to change it permanently, the next time you open the report this new value will be used in Pages.

Ilze / support@eazybi.com