Duplicate records in Search & Bookmarks dropdown

We observed multiple records in the “Search and BookMark” dropdown list. Kindly review the below screen for more details and help with possible reasons/solutions to fix this.
Duplicate records

Did anyone encounterd this issue?
@janis.plume, @gerda.grantina -Any help or solutions?

Hi @Ameer,

This can happen in dimensions that have several hierarchies, and the members are shown in each hierarchy. Starting eazyBI version 5.2.0, the hierarchy name is also visible in the search and bookmark results, as Category here:

Let me know if that helped or if you have further questions regarding this!
Lauma / support@eazybi.com

Thank you so much @lauma.cirule , Appreciate your response. Our observation is different from above. I am seeing multiple (duplicate) records in the same hierarchy like below. Kindly review and let me know your comments.

Hi Ameer,

Thank you for the follow-up! I would need some additional details to find the cause of this behavior.

  • What dimension are you using?
  • Do you see multiple values on rows when you select All members from the dimension on rows?
  • Which eazyBI version is this? And what is the database server you are using?

It might be easier to catch the problem if you send these further details to support@eazybi.com (you may add that we started the conversation in this community post).

Lauma / support@eazybi.com

Thank you @lauma.cirule , I will send the details to the suggested email. Later, Solutions or root causes will be posted here for the benefit of others.

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