Duplicated values in the table

I’m pretty new in eazyBI enviroment thus I don’t know many things in this application.
Can someone explain to me why I have duplicated values in the table?


Hi @adamsli ,
This is not seen behavior on the eazyBI app.
To comment on why this has happened, could you please export and share the definition for your eazyBI report? (you can send the definition to support@eazyBI.com)

I will try to help you once I see these details!

Kind regards,
Gerda // support@eazyBI.com

I found a solution. As far as I understand I had in Rows selected two similar options. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

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support@eazyBI.com Hi, next problem :slight_smile: In eazyBi I can see in the default measures assignee groups and reporter groups but I need to have in the table just “responsible team” from this place in the ticket marked on yellow:
How to do it?

For now I have table like this and to finish this report I need only “Responsible group”:

Hi @adamsli,
you can select your dimension “Responsible group” in your data source import options, tab “Custom fields”: Jira custom fields

To not lose track of your next questions, it would be better to create new topics per each separate question :wink: