EasyBi : Out of Memory Error

Hi Team,

Initially we had an issue with query timeout.

We referred the eazyBI documentation and activated the Child process and added JVM Memory as
Now we are getting out of memory error:

Error message :
OutOfMemory used = 968155592, max=1073741824

Please support us to resoving this issue.

Mathavan mathiyalagan

Hello Team,

We are waiting for the support.

Can you look into this imediately.

Hi @mathavan,

It seems you are running the eazyBI Child process with default settings; is that so?
In larger instances, this is not enough. Increasing the heap memory to 2GB is absolutely necessary, but if your server allows it, you should increase the eazyBI child process JVM heap memory to 4GB (-Xmx4g).

However, if that does not help, please export and send the definition of the failing report to the support e-mail support@eazyBI.com.

Oskars / support@eazyBI.com