eazBI Metadata analysis


I am trying to create a report that allows me to answer questions like:

1.- Which measures/calculated members are used in a report?
2.- Which measures/calculated members use other measures/calculated members?
3.- Which reports appear on which dashboard pages?

I’m basically trying to put together a metadata list that allows me understand better the implementation we have within our eazyBI accounts, this data will become an input to our Governance Framework.

Thank you,

Hi @fabianmunoz,

Unfortunately, there isn’t a single fast way to identify measures and calculated members used in reports and other calculations. We have a feature request regarding this in our backlog, and I added your vote to it. I don’t have any estimates, but we will let you know once there are any developments.

You can see which reports are used in which eazyBI dashboard with the eazyBI usage statistics - Usage statistics.

Roberts // support@eazybi.com