Eazy bi for confluence assign filter by author group

I need to use eazy bi for confluence and assign filter by author group.
by default seems we can’t set groups so i try to add csv file that contain user & groups.

I have csv file like below, need to map cube.

Kali Khadid,سلام
Abo Boo,سلام علیک

but it give me this error:
Missing Author dimension member for {“external_id”=>“Kali Khadid”} and new record creation is not allowed.

FYI: user exist and even when I skip “Skip missing” this wizard pass but has been nothing import.
Any idea?

Hi @indeed_1,

You are on the right track. Only you would need to specify that the first column contains Author names (Name column in advanced options), instead of keys. See:

Note that after the import, you can create a custom hierarchy in the Author dimension.

Lauma / support@eazybi.com

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