eazyBI and Tempo - hours spent by role as per tempo team


I am new to eazyBI and I am trying to generate a report which can show me how much hours have been spent on backend/frontend/testing work at Epic/Story/Sub-Task level. I have created a team in tempo and assigned backend/frontend/testing role to each specific member as per the skill set.

Kindly advise if this is possible and how to achieve this using eazyBI



Unfortunately, eazyBI does not support data import of the Tempo Role. We have this feature in our backlog, but we are still looking to find a feasible solution to implement that in our current data model of Jira issues.

I upvoted this feature request with your post and will let you know if and when it might be implemented.

Janis eazyBI support

Do you have some news on this feature? It would be very useful

My company would also like this feature. We track separate metrics based on employee role - developer, designer, QA, etc. Using work type is not sufficient since a developer often splits their time across multiple work types such as coding, testing, design, documentation and we are trying to get an understanding of where our developers, as a group, are spending their time.

any update on this topic?

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My company is also in need of this feature. Is there an eta of any sort?

hello I also have this requirement, I am trying to work in reality by defining Jira user groups that correspond to roles. Example: the group “system admin” contains all the people who on time timesheets register work as “role” systems engineers. And so the group jira developers etc. However, I can’t display the report correctly based on what I would like to do and still can’t do (I ask for help if you know / can, thanks in advance). I would like to have a report that lists the hours worked by project / role / person (with total hours for the role).
This is what I have at moment …