eazyBI and Tempo

Im trying to get data from Tempo, but im stack at the import. I have created a token at Tempo Api integration and added it at the jira import settings → Addons. Then, at the import process, i get :

Received HTTP 403 error when requesting https://api.tempo.io/4/accounts/search?limit=50&offset=0.
POST {“statuses”:[“OPEN”,“CLOSED”,“ARCHIVED”]}
Your user was not authorized by API provider to perform this request.

I have add the user that runs the import to the tempo permission roles (all checked). Is it something else that i have to do?


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With help from easyBI support i have managed to import numbers :slight_smile:

  1. Please check the Tempo permissions for the user that you use to authorize imports from Tempo into eazyBI. Likely some role is missing to allow eazyBI make these requests on behalf of this user.
  2. When creating the API at Tempo, I had to check also View Accounts.

Thanks Mr Martins for the reply!

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I have exactly the same issue but I have no idea where to set up Tempo permissions for this.
Can anyone point me to the place in Tempo?