eazyBI Community Day 2024: Recordings and Presentations

The eazyBI Community Days 2024 in Berlin has officially concluded. Two full days of friendly eazyBI community and the best eazyBI content available. Practical examples, fresh ideas, best practices, and direct conversations with eazyBI users, experts, and the team behind it.

We extend our thanks to every attendee for making this event a remarkable gathering. It was a pleasure to bring the eazyBI community together, sharing insights, innovations, and experiences. Here’s to the invaluable connections made and the knowledge shared – until we meet again, continue to transform data into actionable insights with eazyBI.

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Latest Updates, Features, and Future Plans

By Raimonds Simanovskis eazyBI Founder and CEO

Join Raimonds in the opening keynote to explore the past, present, and future of eazyBI. Discover where we’ve been, where we’re headed, and what you can expect from eazyBI in the near future.

Mastering eazyBI Accounts for Enhanced Performance, Administration, and Usability

By Nauris Mālītis eazyBI Support

How the right account setup can save your time (and nerves)? Learn when and why to adjust your account setup for faster and more secure reporting, and explore how the right configuration can ease user experience while ensuring that each team gets exactly what they need.

Moving From the Why to the How: Gaining Support for the Benefit of Data Reporting

By Charles Boden Technology Manager Enterprise IT Operations at Just Eat / Takeaway.com

Our department’s main role is to resolve issues and requests, and energy spent elsewhere comes at a cost to service. Though data is seemingly everywhere we seem to utilise very little in decision-making. How can we ever balance these two opposing viewpoints in the business? Thus began our journey of investigation, understanding and taking the stakeholders, leadership, and teams through the process of insight generation and the value it can bring.

Empowering Decisions With Trust: Leveraging eazyBI for Control Reporting

By Stefan Krooshof Atlassian Consultant at Prepend

Discover the capabilities of control reporting with eazyBI through a series of real-world examples. This demonstrates how control reporting improves the accuracy of data entry, identifies important deviations, and streamlines reporting processes. You can learn how control reporting builds trust and transforms raw data into valuable insights.

Enrich Your Data: Integrating IOT, Machine Learning, and Other Data Sources in eazyBI

By Dace Kvalberga flex.bi

Some business problems require additional context, and data can come from hardware, other software or even machine-learning models. While it might sound complex, it is definitely doable. Discover flex.bi experience and technical solutions for multi-source data consolidation in the EUHUBS4DATA project.

Panel Discussion: Maximizing the Benefits of the Atlassian Ecosystem—Apps, Partners, Community

Participating Raimonds Simanovskis - eazyBI, Sven Peters - Atlassian, Stefan Krooshof - Prepend, Rodrigo Kondo - Nimble Evolution

The same community, the same teams—how do we all come together under one umbrella? What’s the secret behind the seamless functioning of Atlassian ecosystem? In an era where almost any answer is just an AI prompt away, how might the dynamics of the ecosystem evolve—including the Atlassian community, ACE events, and Team events? Will the role of human interactions within the Atlassian ecosystem remain unchanged?

Developer Joy–How Great Teams Get S%*t Done

By Sven Peters Atlassian DevOps Advocate

Software development has become more complex over the years. Keeping a healthy balance between dev speed and code quality isn’t easy. Just be agile and practice DevOps, they say. Join Sven and learn how great software teams measure and improve their developer productivity, coordinate work across teams, run microservice teams, and create a healthy and joyful engineering culture. Always backed up by data instead of opinions.

Unraveling the Chemistry Between Issues: Reporting on Linked Issues

By Elita Kalāne eazyBI Support

If analyzing linked issues information has ever felt a bit tricky, fear not! Follow a step-by-step guide how to import issue links using eazyBI new feature and how to build meaningful reports to find relationships between Jira issues!

Less-Popular eazyBI Features That Our Teams Find Most Useful in Practice

By Weronika Ilczyszyn and Marcin Najgebauer Motorola Solutions

Over the years of using eazyBI, our teams have explored a range of advanced features that you may not be familiar with. These functionalities can be incredibly useful and save you a significant amount of time in report creation and maintenance. In our presentation, we will provide examples of using Template Accounts, Issue link field dimensions, custom hierarchies, and comparing the nesting of reports on Confluence pages to eazyBI dashboards.

Why Some Reports Struggle to Cross the Finish Line

By Jānis Vītums eazyBI support and developement

Examine together complexities and challenges within the eazyBI reporting engine, providing insights into why users often face out-of-memory errors, or timeout notifications. Look into the engine’s behavior, offering a clearer understanding of its limitations.

Monitoring Your Jira Like a Master Through eazyBI

By Rodrigo Kondo Fernandes Atlassian Consultant at Nimble Evolution

Tracking Jira configuration items can be daunting, with challenges in identifying the number of custom fields, status, workflows, and other essential elements within the instance. Exporting this data traditionally involves a complex and time-consuming process. With eazyBI and Jira’s REST API, we’ve developed reports that offer a comprehensive view of crucial metrics.

Building eazyBI Reports You Can Rely On

By Daina Tupule eazyBI Support

When it comes to making decisions, the reliability of your reports is key. This presentation will guide you through the necessary steps to ensure that your eazyBI reports are both accurate and trustworthy. You will learn how to effectively build or modify reports to precisely present the data as intended. We’ll also cover ways to maintain the integrity and relevance of your reports over time, giving you confidence in your data today and in the future.

MDX: The Inevitable Descent–From Complexity to Performance

By Roberts Čāčus eazyBI Support

Some dive for fun, some only when it is necessary. Others because they don’t know any better. Join Roberts for a deep dive into the Descendants() function—find out how and when to use it. And when to avoid it!

Maximizing the Potential of eazyBI and ScriptRunner

By Martin Chalány System Engineer III at Eset

In our presentation, we explore the effective integration of Scriptrunner and eazyBI for enhanced corporate portfolio management. Our approach involves the systematic collection of data within Jira, enriched with additional inputs from other systems, leading to the generation of eazyBI reports directly accessible in Jira. This method offers a refined, user-specific view of key metrics, enhancing decision-making processes in portfolio management.

The Journey From Newbie to Master in eazyBI

By Gvido Neilands flex.bi

Using eazyBI to it’s full potential requires different levels of skill and understanding of the product. The vast amount of available information can sometimes be overwhelming. So, where is the best place to start learning eazyBI, and how can you keep yourself challenged as you learn more?

Dots in the Wild–Storytelling With Data Visualization

By Marika Latsone eazyBI Designer

In data storytelling, visual elements play a crucial role in developing the narrative and making complex data easy to understand. Every dot has a story; however, the curiosity of what is behind the numbers is often forgotten. Through a personal challenge—an ultra-endurance cycling experiment—this talk will explore how to bring personality to data storytelling, as well as how design decisions can transform the narrative.

Training Track 1: Build Smart and Nice-Looking Reports (With or Without MDX)

By Ilze Leite-Apine eazyBI support

Learn how to build different report types using eazyBI built-in features and custom MDX calculations: guidelines, trend lines, burn ups and burn downs, statistical reports, efficiency reports, progress bars, and more; and make visually appealing and informative dashboards. Training will be use case based and designated to all eazyBI report builders.

Lightning Sessions: Tips Tricks & Best Practices

Custom Drill Through Issues Report

How to Recover eazyBI Reports and Accounts

Access Missing Group Properties Using eazyBI Report Results API

How to Communicate With eazyBI Support Team Effectively

Introducing Dashboard Folders in eazyBI

How to Fix Total Row Calculations in eazyBI

Using eazyBI for Advanced Data Tracking

Analyze monday.com Data With eazyBI