eazyBI Community Days 2018 (May 24-25, Riga)



eazyBI Community Days 2018 is the biggest eazyBI event of the year. Customers and partners from different industries, with different experiences and backgrounds will share their knowledge, ideas, and approach to reporting and business management.

Early-bird registration is open.


Good afternoon, Janis

We are arriving from Kiev on 23.03 most likely. And looking forward having great Community days 2018.
I would like to schedule a workshop \ appointment with some of great EazyBI folks, who can help us optimize CPU usage :slight_smile: with great advice.

Could you please help me with proper contact?


Hi, Artem,

We can definitely discus eazyBI optimization tactics during Community Days. We don’t have special appointment slots for individual consultations, instead, feel free to ask anyone from the eazyBI team at the event and you’ll be directed to the most appropriate support team member to help you solve these issues.

Typically a high CPU load is caused by complex calculated measures iterating over a large set of issues. Often it is possible to simplify/optimize those formulas and/or reduce/split the set in smaller sets.

See you at the event! :slight_smile: