EazyBI for Confluence Not Rendering Report in Dashboard or Report

Hi all, recently my team has been using EazyBI for Confluence to render burndowns, sprint progress and other related reports at the closure of each sprint. I’ve been able to render reports in the past without issue, but on a new page that I’ve created I’ve attempted to add reports and for some reason the data in the report doesn’t load.

To be specific, I am able to see the Key, the page button to select a sprint, as well as a border. However, the bars on the chart themselves do not render. They’re basic columns, based off of status.

I’ve looked on the community but have not found anything expect a reference to a 5 second load issue and making configuration changes. The issue is that the report itself renders in a moment - the data behind it does not load. I do not get an error message, or any other kind of indicator of an issue. I’ve checked the report on other pages and it works fine, and I’ve confirmed that in EazyBI / Jira the reports render as well without issue. As a final note, other individuals are unable to see the report as well, so it doesn’t appear as something local to my machine.

Has anyone seen this problem before, or can advise?

eazyBI has two options on how to add reports to confluence for the server. You can use Jira external gadgets or our app eazyBI for confluence (additional product for confluence)

External gadgets are Atlassian’s solution. Atlassian is not working on improving them, though. We are limited to improve and support it as well. There might be some additional jira or confluence setup needed to get them working. For example, extend confluence pages timeout if you use reports with execution time longer than 5 sec.

If problems are using external gadgets, consider using the eazyBI app for confluence. We develop both confluence data analysis and have better support for publishing either Jira, or Confluence reports in Confluence Pages.

We suggest upgrading both eazyBI for Jira and eazyBI for Confluence simultaneously with the same versions to get the best out of it.

If there are more problems you can’t solve based on the description in our documentation or community posts, please reach the support team at support@eazybi.com

Daina / support@eazybi.com