EazyBI for Jira: Help with Custom Report


We haven’t had eazyBI for Jira very long and I am delving into understanding how to build custom reports. Can you help with:

  1. How do I add a Cube?
  2. How do I create a custom report with the following constraints:
  •  Measures (6) specific Users
  •  Stories and Tasks, only
  •  Status = Closed
  •  Time range = last 30 days

I have been through the guide, but am still doing something wrong. It “seems” all measurements are within the “Measures” area, but how do you add custom measurements? I.e., “Stories = Closed” is listed, but not “Tasks = Closed”. -please see below:

Thanks much :face_with_monocle:

Hi. Can anyone assist me with this? Thanks in advance.

Hi @Lion,

eazyBI created the new data cube automatically when you import data from the new data source for the first time.

In eazyBI reports, you can set dimensions for criteria on pages and use them to filter data by issue type, status, period, and other criteria. Those filtering criteria are applied to the measurements in the report. In your case, you might want to build a report like this:

  1. Select measure Issues resolved and Issues closed on columns (as you already have done).

  2. Set dimensions Status , Issue Type, and Project on pages. Then select values matching your criteria in the report filers.

  3. Set Time dimension on pages as well and select member “Last 30 days”. Then you will be able to pick up “Last 30 days” also as filter value in the report.

  4. On rows set Assignee dimension and bookmark specific users as you already have done.

  5. To make the report more readable, you may order users by column “Issues resolved” or “Issues closed” value.

The report might look like in the picture below:

For more details on how to build report, use page filters, bookmark data, order data, and other options, please see the documentation:

Zane / support@eazyBI.com

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Thank you, Zane :slight_smile: :grinning: -I will give this a while and see how it looks. Best, Matthew


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