EazyBi formula to get # of issues moved to a particular status in last 14 days

Hi Team,

I am trying to get the # of issues that are moved to a particular(custom) status in last 14 days. I am able to achieve this using different dimensions, but I am looking for a single user-defined formula to achieve the same. Could you please help me with that?

Thank you!
Keerthana B

Hi @Keerthana_Bhuthala,

The best way to get the issue count that transitioned to a specific status would be by creating a tuple with all the measures:

1 - Create the Last 14 days calculated member in the Time dimension (similar as default “Last 30 days” calculation):

  [Time].[Day].DateMembersBetween('14 days ago', 'today')

2 - Add a measure where you specify which measure, Transition status (I used “In Progress” as example), and the Time period you are looking for:

    [Measures].[Transitions to status issues count],
    [Transition Status].[In Progress],
    [Time].[Last 14 days]

Lauma / support@eazybi.com

How could this be modified to show only the latest transition to status date value.

For example - using the code above and looking a the current week if an issue has a transition status of Fail and in the same week there is a transition status of Pass it will be counted twice.

Looking to use only the latest transition date so, in the example above, we would only see that issue counted in the number transitioned to Pass for the week and not the Fail.

If it went into Fail in a previous week that should show on that week in the fail count since the latest transition date within that week would be of a status change to fail.

Thank you.