EazyBI Gantt chart

Hi folks :slight_smile:
I just wondering that is possible to change colors assosiated with Epic statutes in gantt reports.
For example right know it looks like issue with status ToDo appears on chart as blue color. The problem is that in my project Epics doesnt have such status.
Instead I have statutes like Evaulating, Funnel and other… how can I correlate statutes with colors on report? it`s even possible?

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Hi @rasiak

In Gantt chart, the bars represent three pieces of information: the beginning and end dates of a task as bar length and the task progress as bar color. Task progress is based on completion in percentage, not the status. The color meaning is hardcoded like this:

  • blue - upcoming tasks, milestones, and completed tasks without completion ratio;
  • green - completed tasks with completion ratio (%);
  • red - overdue tasks with completion ratio (%);
  • grey - a group of tasks.

For more details, please see the documentation: Create charts - eazyBI for Jira.

However, you may define a calculated measure to represent the task progress in percentage based on the status. For the calculation, use condition CAE WHEN … THEN. For example:

  WHEN [Measures].[Issue status] MATCHES "Done|Closed" THEN 1
  WHEN [Measures].[Issue status]="In Progress" THEN 0.5
  WHEN [Measures].[Issue status]="Evaulating" THEN 0.25
  WHEN [Measures].[Issue status] MATCHES "Backlog|Open" THEN 0

There are more details on how to use conditions for calculated measures: Calculated measures - eazyBI for Jira.

You may take a look at those two examples in the Demo account to get more ideas on how to represent Epics and their progress in the chart:

Zane / support@eazyBI.com