eazyBI Hours Spent incorrect calculation


I imported data from a third party project management tool into Jira and populated Original Estimate and Time Spent fields. I was hoping that eazyBI would display hours based on the imported data in Jira + hours logged by users, but its only displaying hours that was logged by the users. Is there a workaround?


Hi Shashi,

eazyBI uses Jira worklogs to display all the worklog related information. Otherwise, it would not be possible to track which users logged the time ( Logged by dimension) and when ( Time dimension).

How did you import the “Original estimate” and “Time spent” information into Jira? If you populated the fields for each issue without adding details to Jira worklogs, then eazyBI won’t recognize this data. To resolve this problem, please try to import the historic worklog information into Jira worklogs.

​Kind regards,
​Roberts / eazyBI support