EazyBI Import data error

Hi there,

I got the following error when importing data in EazyBI and also when open Dashboard, can anyone help to explain what does that mean and how should I get it fixed. Thanks.

Hi, Sasha!

It looks like eazyBI is missing a table where additional measures were imported in Issues cube. One way this can happen is if someone deletes the table directly from database.

For troubleshooting you may try the following:

  1. Create new eazyBI account.
  2. Recreate the same data sources in the new account.

If it works fine, you now have an account where reports work as expected.
If it does not work in the new account, please send eazyBI log files along with description of what you did to support@eazybi.com. It may be a bug in eazyBI.

Thanks for your reply, I have created new account with same data, now it works good.