EazyBI Jira Report in Confluence

Hello. I am trying to embed EazyBi Reports I’ve created into my Confluence pages via the “EazyBi for Jira Report”


But I am getting the below error:

Could anyone confirm if there’s an additional price associated with this macro, or is it setup only? Additionally, if it is included, is there any guide out there as to how to configure this functionality to be enabled in Confluence?

Please note, I am specifically trying to pull in JIRA metrics into Confluence pages, not Confluence metrics.


The error in the screenshot is displayed when eazyBI for Confluence database connection is not configured properly.
You can follow the guide here https://docs.eazybi.com/eazybiconfluence/set-up-and-administer/set-up-and-administer-for-confluence-server/installation-and-setup

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